Monday, April 19, 2010


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  1. Why would anyone step on a toilet seat? Thank you for my birthday present(s). My favourite color is purple and I am on my 6th piano book.this is how many songs I have learnt:
    book 1 = 39
    book 2 = 30
    book 3 = 36
    book 4 = 25
    book 5 = 30
    book 6 = 6
    I think you can figure out how many songs I have learnt Jemilla. Well done on writing my card. Your handwriting is very neat.

    Mum and Dad said that because we have moved to wellington I can pick another instrument to learn. I chose the violin. I am still playing the piano but. I love the little piano clip and my bed has a red doona cover on it and those hanging thins are red. sorry for not following your rule about opening your present til its my birthday.

    Hope to see you soon!