Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date Night

Last night was the first opportunity for Craig and I to go out on a date for a long time. We left the children in the capable hands of Manou and took the train to Kowloon Tong where we spent a very enjoyable evening at Festival Walk.

Craig picked a restaurant called Dan Ryan's, offering authentic American food, for tea.

Craig had been to Dan Ryan's before for work lunches, so he knew how delicious the food is there. I liked the notice on the menu "WARNING! We Serve American Portions", as many of the Chinese restaurants we have recently visited serve very small portions.

First we ordered the Appetiser Combo which was a combination of onion rings, chicken wings and potato skins.

For our main meals, Craig had a barbecued half-chicken and ribs combo

And I had the French-fried shrimp

The food was sooooooooo delicious. I was happy to have quality Western food after all the rice and noodle dishes I have been eating in the last few months. The sad thing was that we couldn't finish it all, as the servings were indeed generous. 

High from being well-fed and enjoying each other's company, we filled in a feedback form that was on our table. The restaurant manager was so pleased by our flowery (but honest!) compliments that she said the appetiser would be "on the house". 

What else could we do our perfect Date Night but go and see a movie called "Date Night"?

We didn't know much about it except that it starred Steve Carell from my favourite TV show "The Office". The plot is based around a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening which turns into thrills and danger...and a lot of laughs. Yes, there is some crudity and language and a hilarious pole dance and far-fetched car chase scene, and it's kind of like a remake of "True Lies", but it's the best action comedy I've seen in a long time. Emma, Kirsten, Narelle, Denise...grab your husbands and go and see this movie... or ring Debbie and make it a girls' night out. You will laugh out loud, I promise. 

Anyway, the last time Craig and I went to a movie on a date was to see James Bond  in action (I won't say which one), so we were bound to enjoy whatever movie we saw.

We ended our Date Night with dessert at Starbucks. (And a kiss at my front door. Of course. LOL)

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