Friday, April 16, 2010

Oates Notes

He only stayed with us for one night, but he made a big impact in the lives of the Harvey members.

After all, he came bearing gifts...

Paul Oates works as Business Manager at Carey Baptist College in Perth. Craig has known him for many years, often bumping into him at school conferences. Paul has travelled to many places (including Papua New Guinea to visit the Bartells' schools), and his current trip includes visiting a school in Korea.

Paul's suitcase was overweight with all the stuff he brought for us: Craig's drum stool and cymbal, WA cheddar cheese for me (YAY!), and Caramello Koala chocolates for the kids. 

So, we're reminding all our readers that we can offer cheap bed-and-breakfast accommodation (with the added value of a few noisy children who like showing off to guests) to anyone who wants to visit Hong Kong. All it will cost you is a kilo of cheese or a jar of cheesy Vegemite. (Just make sure not to carry the latter in your carry-on luggage!)

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