Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I can't believe I've lived in Tai Po for seven months and only just discovered an American food store here.

The range is small, but the prices are affordable, especially the "specials" trolley.

For those of you reading this blog from just a short drive away from a Woolworths or Coles supermarket, this may not seem a terribly exciting discovery. However, having grown up with Americans and  appreciating their brands,  I was absolutely thrilled with the breakfast cereal, cheap packet mixes, and chocolate bars I could now freely purchase in Hong Kong.

Drooling yet, Carla?
I've included a map because Lauren would be interested to know the location...


  1. What a good find! Oh, I would have loved to go there! (And bring back another suitcase from HK!)

  2. I remember all too well the visits to the American Food Store in Abidjan. It was all so expensive, however, that mostly all we got to do was look, which made it all the more painful. I did score a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper one Christmas, though!

  3. Yes, Kathleen, and the American Food Store had a certain smell, didn't it? I still think that packages from America have that smell too.

  4. Thank YOU!!!!! We are moving in August and are looking in Tai Po. This will be a live saver!!!