Friday, September 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover

Some of you might remember Tirzah's little doll "Alinta" whom she carries everywhere and is much loved and, as a result, often much in need of a bath. I do put Alinta in the washing machine from time-to-time but lately she has been looking extra grotty. I had bought a spare doll in our suitcases from Perth in case the dire situation arose whereby we lost Alinta here in Hong Kong, and I decided that today was the day I would replace the old with the new.

So Alinta magically transformed from this...

to this...

At first Tirzah didn't even recognise the doll. She kept asking for her Alinta, whom I had hidden away. I lied and told her I had brushed Alinta's hair, washed her clothes, and cleaned her face (just like Makka Pakka). And after an afternoon Tirzah seems to have accepted Alinta II.

Tirzah likes to hold Alinta's hand and have Jemilla hold the doll's other hand when they're walking somewhere.


  1. Tirzah looks so grown-up next to Jemilla! (Now you have a grotty Alinta in reserve..) UNLESS you want to get another one??

  2. haha I love this story :) Thanks Renee for keeping us all up to date in such a fun and entertaining way! Hope to see some pics of your new nest soon! Love Sheree (and the Adams family)

  3. oh my goodness! I can't believe there is another much loved Melanie out there...

    I think I purchased the replacement from a gift shop. You could try google, the manufacturer of the dolls is Russ.