Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our first visitor!

It has been such an exciting day as we welcomed our first visitor to our home in Hong Kong. As most of you know, I grew up in West Africa where I attended a boarding school in the Ivory Coast. One of my dearest friends from high school, Natalie Sudborough, lives and works in Xi'an, China. You can read more about the school where she currently teaches here: We have kept in contact over the years and when Natalie mentioned her school holiday period was approaching I was so thrilled when she suggested spending a week with us in Hong Kong. This is a photo of our Year Twelve class. Natalie is in the centre, and I am on the left side in a hat.

This is Jemilla's welcome poster for "Aunty Natalie".

Not to be outdone, Keegan also drew a welcome picture. In his drawing, each of the children is saying her name, and Natalie is saying "I like the Harvey kids."

I am cherishing every hour I can spend chatting with Natalie about our lives, past and present.

Tirzah took a while to warm to Natalie but was soon showing off for her.

Craig and Keegan enjoyed a game of Foosball this afternoon. I'm not too sure who scored this goal, however.

Natalie brought a suitcase full of special presents from China, including this gorgeous box of mooncakes for our family. You may remember that I mentioned them here when writing about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I am holding a mooncake and on my wrist is a lovely dark jade bracelet, courtesy of Natalie.

Some mooncakes are savoury but this was a very sweet one with nut and egg flavouring. This was our first opportunity to try one.

Keegan received this frog instrument from Natalie.

Tirzah got some toys and a colourful hat from Natalie too.

Natalie chose some lovely little chairs, people and a tea set for Jemilla...a perfect present!

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  1. Aunty Natalie certainly knows how to win the hearts of the Harvey kids! What a beautiful line-up of presents.