Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is the way we go to school so early in the morning...

Down in the hotel lift. (8:05 AM)

Through the shopping centre.

Through Sha Tin train station.

Onto the train.

Off the train at Tai Po Market station.

Down the escalators. (In Hong Kong you stand on the right side and allow people to pass on the left.)

"Tagging off" with the octopus card.

Along the road to the tunnel.

Through the tunnel, past the bikes.

Along the road.

Through another tunnel.

Turn the corner.

Stop and stare at the soccer field and dream about joining the Socceroos.

Through the school gates.

Up 21 steep steps to the top of the hill.

Stop to look at a snail.

Into the building.

Have a drink of water.

Here's Keegan's classroom! (8:45 AM)

Can you find Keegan's name?


  1. Wonderful! I loved seeing Keegan in EVERY shot! What a terrific way to remember a journey that quickly becomes routine (until, at least, you move to another suburb and have a different route...).

  2. Goodness! That is quite a trip, you guys must be getting fit, or tired :-)
    Enjoying your blog! Chenelle just asked me tonight, before going to bed, when Jamilla is coming back, she's been away more than 4 sleeps! I think she misses her, especially at Awana, but obviously have no idea of time :-) Love to all! Liesl.

  3. Did you take the snail home to eat for dinner?

  4. Or do you just prefer to buy them at the local take-away?

    (ROFL at my own sense of humour!)

  5. Great blog idea Renee - what a tiring morning routine - I presume you then had to turn around and go back the same way - with Tirzah in tow?
    Are you getting a car or is that not an option?
    Has Craig started work yet?
    Great to hear you have found a unit - can't wait to see the pictures of how it looks inside. Geoff informed me that 2000 square metres is about the size of the house we are staying in here, although we don't have any stairs. How is all the unpacking going? You must be loving seeing some of your things, and being able to set up your place to feel a bit more like 'home'. Thinking of you ...
    Love Amanda