Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Forest Hill

Here are some photos of our new nest as promised.

We'll go from the top down... This is the view from our rooftop. Doesn't really look like Hong Kong from here, does it?

It's nice to think about having a barbecue tea on the roof one day, but right now it is just too hot to contemplate. The washing machine is up on the roof too in a little alcove.

This is the kids' playroom on the third floor. I am still putting books away. When we bought this stripey floor rug from Ikea, Jemilla and Keegan immediately lined up all their cars on the stripes and had a race.

Jemilla's doll house is currently in the playroom, but I think we'll move it into her bedroom when Tirzah moves into her own room.

There are lots of shelves and cupboards in the playroom for all our books and toys. We initially thought we would have to store our kids' books at the school but God has given us an apartment with more bookshelves than even we can fill!

Okay, the three bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the second floor. This is Jemilla's bedroom with a loft bed and desk. Tirzah has been sleeping in here on the floor until we can get a bed for her. You can see that I still have to find a home for all Jemilla's chapter books.

This is Keegan's bedroom. No photo of the bed, I'm afraid, as it wasn't made. Besides the built in cupboard for Keegan's clothes and a desk and a bedside table, he has six gorgeous drawers for all the lego. (Carla, eat your heart out!) The only problem is that the drawers are easily accessible by someone else.

This is the main bedroom. I accidentally left the windows open one afternoon while doing school pick up and there was a storm. The rain actually came down sideways and totally drenched our bed and carpet. So now I am trying to dry out the room and get rid of the wet dog smell.

I've arranged a few treasures above the desk in our room.

Our ensuite, complete with a very fancy toilet called a Toto that can heat the toilet seat and wash certain unmentionable parts of your anatomy for you, if you so desire. (No, we have NOT used it...we're too chicken to try it out!)

I've included a photo of our shower because it took us a full ten minutes the first time we wanted a shower just to figure out where the taps were!

Our bedroom window has a view of the Hong Kong Institute for Education, partly obscured by trees.

The living room is down the bottom of the apartment. We would never have chosen a white leather lounge with children, but it actually wipes clean fairly easily.

It has an interesting colour scheme, don't you think? Craig LOVES the big TV and surround sound. (It all came with the apartment.)

The kitchen is quite large and open.

Can you guess which cupboard holds the fridge and freezer?

This is our dining table (obviously).

This is the keyless lock on our front door. It has a fingerprint ID for entry, so we can feel like we are part of the Mission Impossible Team.

These are the lobby doors. The lift to our apartment is inside to the left.

So what do you think about our apartment? Truthfully we think it's a bit fancy for the Harveys, but we're not complaining!


  1. Looks like you guys are doing it pretty tough, missionaries do have to make sacrifices.

  2. Q.Is the Toto a bidet?
    That was a good laugh about the shower. It all looks great, Renee, and the stairs will be built in exercise!Love the views! Love the Harveys!P.S.Tirzah's hair appears to be much curlier,perhaps from the humidity?

  3. What happened to my comment? I had a nice, long one!

  4. All the trees look lovely. It's great that you've found a place in such a nice area! Are there a lot of birds around?

    I wonder if the rooftop will be more useable in a different season. Let's hope so!

    The playroom looks wonderful! And the rug is fantastic - such great colours.

    Jemilla's bed looks like so much fun. And what a cool light switch just within her reach! Look at all those shelves. It is SUCH a good house, Renée!

    The perspex drawers seem to be MADE for lego. It's such a good idea. Maybe I can ask David to make some up...

    I like the shower. How DO you turn it on?

    Were you able to program the door entry to allow Keegan and Jemilla's fingerprints too?

    It's nice to see Amanda's green heart cross-stitch in your room. What a special reminder of a wonderful friend. (Love you, Amanda!)

    Do the kids have a bathtub in the main bathroom? Any cool gadgets in there?

    I love the decor. I hope you find it easy to live with. Thanks for sharing all the photos. It's great to be able to picture your life a bit more completely!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful apartment!! You've done great decorating/furnishing it too! I love all of the built-ins/bookcases for storage, etc. And love the loft bed too. Oh, and the MI fingerprint entry thing--definitely one of the coolest things! ;)