Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Help, Mum!

If you had a pile of washing this big in your hotel room, what would you do?

A. Hope that your mother comes to visit in the very near future and can deal with it all for you as she has magically done so often in the past

B. Send it to the hotel laundry service

C. Throw them all in the bathtub and turn the shower on, then drape them creatively all around the tiny room to dry

D. Go out looking for a local laundry service

Well, seeing as my mother is unlikely to visit us this month, the hotel laundry option was the most appealing. However, I found out they charge $10 AUD per item, and I decided it would seriously cripple us financially to use this service. I had successfully ignored the growing mountain of dirty clothes in the corner of our room up until now, but something needed to be done. I decided to go out and find a local Chinese laundry nearby.

But do you think there was one to be found? I asked seventeen different people who all had varying levels of English understanding. "Laundry?...wash clothes?" (with pantomime of washing thrown in for good effort). One person seemed to understand and even gave me a hastily scrawled map with an x marking the spot of a supposed laundry. I trotted off to Sha Tin plaza with Tirzah in tow where I was told "No laundry Sha Tin Centre..." No luck there either. I am embarrassed to admit that I searched the blocks around our hotel for about three hours today for a laundry all for nought. So the hunt continues ...

Thus, if I don't write any more posts tomorrow it's because I am still wandering the streets or elbow deep in the bathtub washing our clothes by hand or have actually been swallowed up by the mound of washing itself.


  1. Sounds like you're running in to some good ol' fashioned culture shock!! Hope you find that laundromat!!

  2. At $10 per item, it's cheaper to fly Manou over!

  3. LOL. This is so funny, hope you get a laundry place before the washing gobbles you up. and so the adventure continues!

  4. Very funny Renee - love the cartoon - you are so creative with your posts - I have no idea how you had the energy to even post a blog after traversing Hong Kong to find a washing service! Hope you have success soon, or else find an op-shop!

  5. Found this website forum. Hope it helps.