Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hong Kong vs Solomon Islands

My thoughts often turn to my friend Amanda who, similar to me, is currently experiencing a new culture. She and her family are spending three months in the Solomon Islands on a short term mission trip. Her blog is a wonderful and vicarious means by which to smell, taste, see, feel and hear the Solomons. You can read her accounts here.

I notice many similarities between our two countries. For instance, we have both had to move from Australian winter to a very hot climate. No car seats or seat belts for our kids in either place. Both of us divide by six to work out the price of things in Australian currency. Our kids are all in new schools with new friends.

However, there are many differences as well. Amanda's family is mixing daily with the local people. They are "roughing it" much more than we are; cold showers, mosquitoes, no air conditioning, etc. When Amanda goes to the market, I head for the seven-level shopping centre. They are really soaking up the gorgeous flora, beaches, landscapes, and creatures, whereas I heard my first bird today since arriving in Hong Kong. And Amanda's family are certainly eating a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables than we currently are!

It's obvious that they are making a big impact on the local community despite the short amount of time they have been in the Solomon Islands. I pray that in time we will learn to love this country too and its many people.

So in which country would you rather be?

And if you have trouble answering that question, remember that the only correct answer is "Doesn't matter as long as I am in the centre of God's will"... (see my first post


  1. I think you'll be able to tell when you've REALLY settled because you'll stop converting the currency and understand its intrinsic value instead.

  2. I think you will feel settled when you make some meaningful friendships and feel accepted in a church. And I know you will serve God wholeheartedly, wherever you are.

    Having said that, I still wish we were at least in the same country!

  3. Don't I wish I said what Amanda said... sigh...