Friday, September 4, 2009

Japanese version of Lego: LaQ

LaQ (pronounced "la kew") is described as "the ultimate block with infinite possibilities for creating". If your children are tired of ho-hum stacking blocks, they are ready for LaQ. The Q in LaQ is for the Japanese word "kyuu" for sphere, and a sphere is just one of countless shapes that can be made (unlike Lego) by this revolutionary construction kit. LaQ kits include seven very different tiny types of blocks in a myriad of ten child-pleasing colors that click together to form unlimited models. These seven unique shapes mean that nearly anything your child envisions can be created, from flat designs and three-dimensional simple shapes to complex animals and vehicles, even practical items like pencil holders.

Look out for it in Australian toy stores soon. It's bound to be very popular.

Our kids enjoyed the opportunity to try out LaQ at the shopping centre near our hotel where there was a promotional display. They have asked to go back every day since to play some more.

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  1. I still reckon that my boys would have Lego over LaQ anyday!