Thursday, September 3, 2009

New technology?

Since moving to Hong Kong we have had the children's foreheads micro-chipped with our contact details in case of emergency. You can see Jemilla being scanned here to check that the implants are working.


Actually this photo shows Jemilla's teacher using a thermal scan to check her body temperature before class starts. It's an initiative from the government to help prevent the spreading of contagious diseases amongst school students. Parents are urged, if possible, to measure their child’s temperature at home every day before going to school and to keep a record of it.

Although I think it is unlikely that taking a child’s temperature will really prevent the spread of a disease, I guess it reassures parents and the public that schools are safe (or trying to be safe) during a virus outbreak. I just can't see it catching on in Australia...


  1. I am amazed at how different life is in HK compared to here - where it is common to see kids bare foot at school and with 'number 11' runny noses! But the kids here are so tough, (I hardly ever hear anyone over 5 crying) and they can climb the tallest coconut trees seemingly with ease.

  2. Hello Renee and Craig we just love this little blog of yours and you get to do some fantastic things over in HK did you find all those skyscrappers overwhelming? I loved that airline luggage tag you had to put on your luggages ( bend your knees ) how absolutely appropriate that one needs to bend ones knees to become humble before the LORD. God Bless and keep well till your next blog when it comes love from Liz & Peter xxoo