Friday, September 11, 2009

Our new nest

I am so happy to be typing this post from our new home! In the last fortnight Craig has visited countless places with real estate agents looking for the perfect place for our family to live. And he at last found it! Yesterday we moved into an apartment in Tai Po, about 15 minutes-drive from the kids' schools.

From the internet..."Tai Po refers to the area of the traditional market towns, known as Tai Po Old Market and Tai Wo Town... Tai Po used to be a simple village town, and now has been transformed into a modern town after decades of development ... yet still preserving its historical relics and charming countryside scenery."

Our new address is as follows:
The Harvey Family
PH 29B, House 29, Forest Hill
No. 31, Lo Fai Road
Tai Po New Territories
Hong Kong

At this point we only have this mobile number: 51315359.

The apartment is hideously expensive compared to Australia, but it is quite large by Hong Kong standards (over 2000 square feet). It is also fully furnished which suits us as we sold all our furniture in Perth. Forest Hill estate also offers a 24-hour guard, swimming pool, tennis court, playground, and shuttle bus. We feel a bit like we've moved from one hotel to another!

One downside is that it has four sets of stairs. I initially thought about getting a child safety gate to prevent accidents, but a wise woman online named Lauren suggested that Tirzah will soon learn how to climb up and down the stairs safely. For the moment we are quite paranoid everytime she heads for the stairway.

So now we have a place in which to live ... Croakers, Luptons, Sandy, Spencers, Vigus, Manou and anyone else who has considered a visit to Hong Kong ...You are all welcome to come and stay with us ... just not all at once!

Stay tuned for photos...


  1. Can't wait to see photos of the interior!

  2. We've started planning! Will let you know when we've worked out something more definite. Won't be til later next year though!

  3. YES! Such good news this Monday morning!God's perfect timing I agree.
    Any breakages?
    An aerogramme will be enroute to PH29B ce soir.