Monday, September 14, 2009

Hong Kong money

Here's Craig, looking very wealthy with all those thousand-dollar bills. Actually one Australian dollar buys about six Hong Kong dollars, so if you do the maths..........

This post is especially for our friend Geoff Peet; We're hoping he'll reciprocate by showing a photo of the money his family is using in the Solomon Islands.

So when we moved into our new apartment, I went to the local supermarket and bought the following items:

1. Packet of 38 Fitti nappies for Tirzah: $72.50 HK ($12 AUD)

2. Five kilo box of Persil washing machine powder $ 79.9 HK ($13 AUD)

3. 24 slices of homebrand cheese $39.90 HK ($6 AUD)

4. 2 lbs bananas $7.20 HK ($1.20)

5. One "loaf" (six slices) wholemeal bread $9.60 ($1.60 AUD)

6. One litre UHT Anchor milk $14.90 HK ($2.50 AUD)

7. Packet of 10 rolls of toilet paper $26.90 HK ($4.50 AUD)

I looked at the breakfast cereal but found it way too expensive. This cereal box, for example, costs $63.90 HK ($11 AUD).

And I was tempted by but didn't succumb to these peanut M&Ms at $20.90 HK ($ 3.50 AUD).

Based on the range of foods in the supermarket and the prices, I think we will try to use local foods as much as possible, rather than trying to copy our old menu from Australia.


  1. One Australian dollar is about 6.5 South African Rands. So when we moved to Aus, we just had our sums working the other way around. It took a while to think in Aus dollars, and not work it all back to SA Rands.
    Good luck with the calculations :-)

  2. Dairy products not consumed as much as in Australia, Milk mainly in the Cha Chan Teng for coffee and tea, and cerials are consumed sparingly and is not part of cantonese culture. That is the most plausible explanation for their price, and they are imported.