Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Jemilla

Hello from Hong Kong!

When we first got here, we stayed in a hotel. The hotel room was very small and squishy. There was not enough room for our suitcases! After two weeks we found an apartment called Forest Hill. We are on level three and our apartment number is 29B. We haven’t gone swimming yet, but we have been to two playgrounds (one indoor and one outdoor).

I finished this book from the Peets called Clarice Bean by Lauren Child. It was a funny book. It helped to teach me how to spell rhinoceros. This morning I started reading another book called Sarah Plain and Tall.

Today is Tuesday. I do not have to go to school because the government says there may be a typhoon. My school is called NIS which stands for Norwegian International School. The Principal’s name is Mr Lok. This is me walking to school from the train station.

My new friends are Lynn, Samuel, Lucy, Ewan, Warren, Carolina, Melody, Griffin, Carlisle, and Andy. Can you believe there are only two girls in Grade Two and four girls in Grade One?

This is my friend, Lynn. I went to her house for a play. We played vets because she has lots and lots of stuffed toys.

I have some questions to ask now...

How are your silkworms going, Mrs Roddy? Are they getting bigger?

Is Bronte okay, Mia? Is she still hissing at the chickens?

I miss you Jonathan and look at your photo every day. Are your sisters enjoying the swing set?

What are you doing at Awana, Joelle? Have you had the Grand Prix yet?

Manou, where are you living now? Have you gone to Tamworth?

I miss playing babies with you, Katie. Remember the Barbie Rocker posters we found?

I love you all and please write back to me.

Yours sincerely, Jemilla

God bless...Bye!


  1. Dear Jemilla,Manou will be in Tamworth from October 2nd,in good time for one of your cousin's birthdays. Who can that be?Shall we send you a piece of yummy Aussie cake?

  2. Dear Jemilla,
    I liked seeing the photos of you and hearing about your friends. It sounds like you are reading very exciting books! Have you been to a library in Hong Kong yet? Can you borrow books from the school?
    In your first photo, it looks like you are wearing an N.I.S. uniform. And your friend Lynn is wearing a uniform. Do you have to wear a uniform to school? Or is it only for sport days?
    Thank you for writing to us all. We love hearing all your news.
    Auntie Lauren and the Fishers.

  3. Dear Jemilla,

    I love your letter. It's so interesting to me to read about life in Hong Kong because I have never been there. I grew up in Africa and went to school with your mom. Speaking of your mom, you look just like her! You are beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your new home and new school.

    Mrs. Kathleen

  4. dear Jemilla thank-you for sending us another
    e-mail. to answer your question, Bronte is fine and she has stopped hissing at the chickens. once Belle, my other cat, and Bronte were sniffing each others noses without hissing, it was quite funny. also, Bronte likes to sleep in my bed, most of the time, at the end of the bed, so i can't reach her, at night. i hope you are having a great time.from Mia

  5. Dear Jemilla,
    How cool was it that you asked me about Awana on the same day that I wrote you a letter telling you about Awana!
    I hope you get my letter soon.
    Linc kids is on this Saturday, I will miss you.
    Love Joelle