Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another birthday party

This time it was Keegan's turn to be invited to a friend's party. The birthday girl, Mary, is in Keegan's class. Every time I see her I am amazed by her stunning combination of Asian facial features and red hair.

Mary's family lives in a village house with a backyard. Our children hadn't played on grass for AGES, so they had a wonderful time.

Keegan takes a swing at the pinata.

Treats for everyone!

Although the photos may look like a typical Australian birthday party, here in Hong Kong they are quite lavish with their spreads. The whole family of the invitee attends, including grandparents and domestic helpers. Rather than a simple two-hour party, it is lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and then who knows when people go home!

At one point I overheard the children discussing the birthday presents together. Keegan explained he had given Mary an Australian book and CD (Mem Fox and Justine Clarke respectively) for her birthday. "Mary," another boy asked worridly, "Do you know the Australian language?"

While I'm on the topic of birthdays, congratulations to Judith Prior and Bowen Croaker who are celebrating their birthdays today. Did our parcels arrive yet?

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