Saturday, October 3, 2009

Noah's Ark

We spent today visiting Noah's Ark, a tourist attraction on an island in Hong Kong. It opened in May this year and is the world’s first biblically proportioned Noah’s Ark. Its builders were Chinese evangelical billionaires who hope the ark will promote positive values. The facility is full of happiness and positive messages, but is not promoted in an overtly religious manner.You can read more about Noah's Ark here.

If you are visiting Noah's Ark with young children, plan for a whole-day outing. We also recommend that you avoid "The Ark Expo", as the lines were way too long.

"The Treasure House", on the other hand, was fantastic. Jemilla and Keegan each had a booklet with questions relating to archaeology, the solar system, animals, pollution, languages, musical instruments, technology, etc. We walked through 15 interactive galleries searching for the right answers, then the children were able to claim their prizes at the gift shop.

Between the train and ferry we saw this garishly wonderful dragon sculpture.

Tirzah is happy to be out of the pram.

Lauren and Natalie on the ferry to the island. It's like a mini ICA reunion!

Apples for morning tea on the ferry.

We can see Noah's Ark in the distance.

Here we are at Noah's Ark.

Can you believe that this garden display is changed every day?

At the restaurant for lunch we were told our lunch would be ready when our numbers came up on the board. The only problem was, we can't read Chinese!

We loved looking at the 67 pairs of life-size fiberglass animal sculptures arranged throughout the "Ark Garden".

It still feels so unreal to have Lauren here in Hong Kong with us!

Tirzah looks very small compared to the giraffes.

The animals look happy to be leaving the ark, don't you think?

Jemilla and Keegan were glad to have a half-hour bicycle ride for a minimal fee while at Noah's Ark.

In Perth we often took the kids for bike rides around the lake near our house, but they left their bikes in Australia, and we haven't found replacements or a good bike path yet here in Hong Kong.

While I was admiring the exhibition of Noah's Arks collections from around the world, I thought about my high school friend Kristen and wondered if she still collected Noah's Ark items. Perhaps her family (or yours!) can visit us in Hong Kong one day.


  1. What a fun surprise to have Lauren there! And Natalie too?! Have a great time!

  2. Date garden - Do the /'s look a little more sun burnt than the other digits?