Friday, October 2, 2009

Fireworks in any language sound the same

This is another page from the book "A Hong Kong ABC".

F is for festival, the fung shui is right
for a fever of fireworks to fill up the night.
Feast under a fa pai on favourite food,
fortune cookies and flowers to flavour the mood.

Last night we watched fireworks explode over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

The kids were excited to stay up so late, despite the need to change trains three times just to get to our destination. "Aunty Natalie" came along for the ride. We told the kids that the train goes under the water to get to Hong Kong Island; Jemilla is looking for fish out the window.

Craig took this photo of everyone in the crowd taking photos of the fireworks. Whether you are in Australia or Hong Kong, when people see fireworks they all say "Ooooooooh" and "Aaaaaaaah" in exactly the same way.

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  1. So Keegan was not afraid of the bangs?