Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homage to fromage

Something I am really missing from Australia are all the delicious dairy products we used to take for granted ... ice cream, milk, yoghurt, and especially cheese. I have yet to see a cow or goat here in Hong Kong, so I imagine most dairy products are imported from overseas. In any case, they are terribly expensive. I regularly buy processed cheese slices for the kids' lunch boxes, but can't justify buying any other sorts of cheeses, even cheddar, at the supermarket prices.

For instance, this homebrand cheddar cheese costs $165.9 a kilo ( $24 AUD)

This Kraft processed cheddar cheese block is $163.60 a kilo ($23 AUD)

And this yummy taste of home is $174.00 a kilo ($25 AUD)

So imagine how ecstatic I was to discover a place that sells cheddar cheese for $62.00 a kilo ($8.80 AUD)! It's a German company that sells online Not only is the cheese cheap, but the meat is too! I found that the only catch was that I needed to spend over $1000 to qualify for free home delivery. No problem. I simply combined an order with the other mums from playgroup, and today I picked up my cheese. Just look at it! A plain plastic bag with no fancy logos or wrappings, but oh what a delicious treasure it holds! Craig will be lucky if there's any left by the time he gets home tonight...

Now I'm imagining all the dishes I can once again prepare with cheese... So what's your family 's favourite cheesy meal?

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  1. Cheese was expensive in the Solomons too, but not quite as excessive as in HK. We bought it in a large block and cut it up into smaller blocks and put them in the freezer until we needed them.

    Favourite meals for us would have to be pizza, spaghetti, wraps and cheese dreams (bread dipped in egg/milk, sandwiched together with cheese in the middle, then fried (on BBQ or stove top) until golden brown and cheese has melted - very delicious, but high fat!)

    What are your dinner plans?