Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinese logos

I've been a bit bored today with nothing new to post.

Instead, I wanted to test the intelligence of my readers with this task. I've chosen five well-known company logos and pasted their photos below. The tricky part is that I used their Chinese names.

Who will be the first to guess all five correctly? (My bets are on either C. Lupton or G. Peet)


  1. Ok, so I can pick out Coke, Fame the movie and Pepsi but the others have me stumped at first glance...their advertising dollars are wasted on me! I'll have a think about the others and let you know if I (or the brains trust) come up with anything else! P.S. I really loved Keegan's instant replay - if only all cricketers were so considerate...
    From the Luptons

  2. Coke, KFC and Pepsi? (I have no idea what the other two are!)

  3. You're right about 1.Coke 2.Fame 4.KFC 5.Pepsi... Number Three is a well-known store of four letters.

  4. IKea for number three?

  5. Yay! You got them all...well done!