Monday, October 5, 2009

Fifty photos especially for the Bevan and Croaker boys

Today just by accident we stumbled on a Lego Star Wars Exhibition at a nearby shopping centre. It is reportedly the first public exhibition of this Lego Star Wars collection in a custom-made 27 foot long tunnnel. Bowen, Flynn, Rhys, Jacob and Cameron...enjoy the photos!


  1. Bowen says I want all of that lego.Flynn says can we come over to Hong Kong? Typed by Elora.

  2. The above comments DO NOT reflect these 2 boys' excitement at seeing ALL THAT STAR WARS STUFF!!Wish that I'd had a tape recorder,truly!Love from Manou.

  3. Ruben says: "I want to go to Hong Kong!" He is just such a huge starwars lego fan, uses all of his savings to buy it. He identified most of the ships and characters, with big gasps! Thanks, that was enjoyable. Liesl.