Sunday, October 25, 2009

Church camp

This weekend we attended a day camp with families from Sha Tin Church at a site called Breakthrough Youth Village. It would have been easy to make our excuses and not go because we are so new to the church. However, so far it has been hard to get to know people in the congregation, and this was a good opportunity to change that. So we stepped outside our comfort zone and booked in to the camp.

Of course we were very glad that we went. Tirzah enjoyed the attention she received from all the young people. Keegan was thrilled to play soccer and cricket after so long. During breaks Jemilla played computer games in the library with her friends, and she said that was her favourite activity. Craig happily volunteered to play the drums with the music team for one session. And my weekend highlight was the talent show. We also met some lovely families from places like New Zealand, the Philippines, the UK,and the US, just to name a few...

Catching the train to the pick-up point

Praise and worship time

Pastor Dale Hanson introduces camp speaker Rev Peter Hurricks from New Zealand. His topic was "Growing through Changes".

We watched this excellent video by The Skit Guys called "God's Chisel". It's definitely worth nine minutes of your time to press the play button.

Tirzah happily played up the back of the hall during the meetings

Fun and games during the break time

This was some sort of "mummy" contest with toilet paper

I'm not sure what the aim of this game was

Playing soccer (Keegan was always goalie)

Chinese food for lunch

And a barbecue for tea

The Talent Show was fantastic! There was a texting contest, hilarious skits about finding a wife, and even the Harvey kids participated. Jemilla sang the books of the Old Testament...

And Keegan did a drum solo.

Sunday morning praise and worship time at camp

Traditional camp photo

Family photo (Sorry about Tirzah's blink!)

And here we are on the bus back to the train station


  1. I'm so happy you went to the camp and got to know a few people from your church a bit better. It was great to hear all about it.

    I am amazed at how long Jemilla's hair is - it is so beautiful!

  2. It is beautiful, but such a pain to brush the knots out. Plus conditioner is very expensive here, so nearly every day I ask Jemilla if she's ready to cut her hair yet.