Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playgroup (by Tirzah)

On Wednesdays Mummy and I go to playgroup. Before, we tried one at Keegan's school, but Mummy said it messed up my afternoon sleep time and I got too grumpy, so we postponed that one until I am a bit older.

We catch a train from Tai Po Market to the Chinese University.

Then we ride in a shuttle bus to Joanna's apartment.

Look how tall it is!

Mummy and I have made some nice friends at this playgroup. We play with the toys, then we do singing and a Bible story, then we do colouring. Joanna is sitting on my left; it's her apartment where we meet.

Today on the train coming home I showed Mummy and all the other passengers how to do a pole dance.

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