Monday, October 26, 2009

Waterfront Park

Today is a public holiday in Hong Kong known as the Chung Yeung Festival. Supposedly it is a day to respect and remember one's ancestors, but we were just happy for the chance to sleep-in after our busy church camp on the weekend.

Around mid morning we took a taxi to Tai Po Waterfront Park. We had seen signs for the park while on the bus, but this was our first opportunity to visit it.

At the entrance to the park

The children were happy to spend time on the playground. In Hong Kong all the playgrounds seem to be kept in excellent condition, with no graffiti or broken equipment. My only complaint is that they usually don't have enough shade, but the Waterfront Park was an exception.

This is a designated kite-flying area

The Insect House (we didn't go in today)

Lovely promenade beside the water

This spiral look-out tower is 32.4 metres high and gives visitors a panorama view over Tolo Harbour, the Tai Po Industrial Estate, and the countryside all the way to mainland China's border.

Water feature

The park has a 600-seat amphitheatre

This woman was having her graduation photos among the flowers and waterfalls in the park.

Fish pond beside the rest gardens

Designated pool for model boats

Craig liked this model submarine best (approximately 50 cm long)

And Keegan liked this remote truck

Picnic time (Nothing fancy, just sandwiches, juice, and bananas.)

Plenty of walk-ways and bike paths

The girls played on another playground...

...while the boys played cricket. Keep that arm straight, Keegan!

Keegan hits it for a six!

Later another boy asked to play, so Craig taught him a few basic cricket tips.

We were sad to leave the park, but Tirzah needed an afternoon nap. We will definitely come back on another day!

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  1. I'm guessing you didn't climb the tower! But it's so close... and such a variety of activities. What a great place to hang out!