Monday, November 30, 2009

Australian cuisine

Hong Kong has been called a "Gourmet Paradise" due to its variety of food on offer. Perhaps it's not surprising then that there is a market for good ol' Aussie steaks and chips. I've seen three Australian restaurants so far...

By the way, we haven't eaten in any of the above places yet. I guess that's because we've found lots of local places that offer much cheaper menus!

And Woolloomooloo in Sydney spells its name slightly differently to the restaurant.


  1. Yes, but has Craig been able to find a local place that is the equivalent of a steakhouse to satisfy his need for a big juicy steak?

  2. Hello Renee,
    thought I would stop in a post a comment so you have my blog site.

  3. Thanks, Sarah...I'll be stalking you from now on! LOL

  4. Wow an outback restaurant.I don't know how many branch of this outback restaurants I have seen in different parts of the world. Well, nothing beats eating a roast or grill whilst watching the bon fire on one of Australia's wonderful outback.