Monday, November 16, 2009

Doggy Heaven

The other day while walking back to Forest Hill from the bus stop I saw a Filipino domestic helper (maid) taking her owner's dogs for a walk.

However, this wasn't a traditional leash-and-collar kind of walk...THE DOGS WERE BEING PUSHED IN A PRAM. And, Katie, this wasn't like when you dressed your poor pet in doll's clothes and forced her to sit in the stroller so you could push her around. No, these dogs were really lapping it up! (pardon the pun)

It seems that despite the fact that most of Hong Kong's seven million people live in tiny cramped apartments, dogs have become a must-have accessory and are treated accordingly. They are considered to be a companion or surrogate child, so of course there are people willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money to spoil their pooches.

Yesterday afternoon I ventured in to this pet store to see if the pram I had spied was just a converted baby stroller or whether some entrepreneur was cashing in on the "my pet is my baby" phenomenon and actually marketing pet prams.

I spied a range of pet carry bags a la Paris Hilton.

There was also a variety of clothing for dogs. (Gabby, I'm sure you would have been tempted to buy something for Missy!)

Et voila! The pet pram! Designed especially for your dog. "Durable, breathable mesh provides airflow and visibility. Large storage section for toys, treats, owner's water bottle, and more. Available in two colours: pink or blue."

Of course I had to google to see if Hong Kong was the only country where people were crazy enough to treat their dog this much like one of the family. And I was amazed at how many photos I found of owner's using dog strollers.

And before you ask...yes, you can get a double pram for your pair of beloved canines. Just search on eBay and you'll find several models to choose from.

And can buy specially designed cat prams too. (Sheree, I'll expect Bronte to be taken for walks every afternoon in one of these from now on!)

Besides the pet prams, in Hong Kong if you wish to do some serious pet pampering you can now purchase (for a steep price, no doubt) any of the following:
  • meals at dog cafes or dog bakeries
  • canine acupuncture and homeopathy
  • pet insurance
  • pet fashion magazines
  • pet funeral services
  • sessions at dog spas
  • dog massage classes

But I really think we should draw the line at this fashion accessory prediction for 2010: doggy slings.

Take a stand, folks! Don't follow the trend, I'm begging you! Otherwise we'll all think you're barking mad! (arf, arf, arf)


  1. I thought the point of taking a dog for a walk was to exercise it...

    How bizarre!

  2. It makes me feel sick...

  3. haha! I think if they designed a pram that looked like a cupboard then maybe Bronte might be interested :)

  4. Hi Renee,
    Cool blog post! I’ve never seen one of those slings. Quite something! Yes, when I first saw these prams I also researched it and found that they market them in Australia, the UK and the States (perhaps other countries too?), but I’ve never seen them before we moved here. Have you seen them in Australia?
    For your (future) dog, you can also get take away gourmet food, birthday cakes or cappuccinos. This is why we got Chinchillas, not a dog. Have a look at my posts on HK pooches:

  5. Hey, Tom, no I'd never heard of dog prams before coming to cappuccinos? Are you serious?

  6. I found something even better for taking your pooch out -- a pet carrier for the back of your motorbike!