Thursday, November 12, 2009

A trip to a Hong Kong barber shop

Want a $7 (AUD) haircut? Step right up!

Jemilla reminded Keegan this will be his first hair cut in Hong Kong.

There's no ticket number waiting system like our Just Cuts, but you have to pay up front via a vending machine before you join the queue.

Jemilla reassured Keegan as the barber got his sterilised scissors ready . The high quality plastic card at the bottom of the photo is what came out of the ticket machine.

There's just enough room for clients to store their coat and belongings behind the mirror in front of them.

Keegan pretended to be a barber while Craig got his hair cut.

Then it was Keegan's turn in the chair.

Jemilla was perfectly happy to watch TV while Keegan was having his cut.

At the end of his cut, Keegan's head was vacuumed to get the spare hairs.

Here's our handsome son showing off his new haircut and free comb that he received from the barber.


  1. What a sterile procedure. Very funny!

  2. Very handsome Keegan!

    Renee, you are doing an excellent job with your blogging - so many memories recorded, and I get to enjoy reading your posts every day! It helps make the distance a little less sad. I can't beleive Jemilla already likes HK better than Australia - how fantastic is that!

  3. Hii Renee,

    Thanks for the great blog, enjoying it!
    Must say, the meats in HK freaked me out, those crabs, duck and black chicken! Glad to see that you are all happy and well!
    Love Liesl.