Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strange supermarket sightings

Hey, Ike, you would be impressed by the fresh seafood collection at our IGA-equivalent.

This lady was hard at work wrapping something at the end of an aisle.

When we got closer we realised they were live crabs.

If crabs don't interest you, you could always have a whole roast duck for tea.

Or a crocodile steak...

Maybe some black chicken?

Can you believe there is a whole supermarket aisle dedicated to cup-a-soup noodles?

No need to cut the crusts off your fussy child's sandwiches for their school lunchbox; just buy this crustless bread.

You can pick up your alcoholic beverages next to your soft drink.

Each apple is individually wrapped in plastic, then packaged again. Once again Hong Kong proves that the small amount of recycling and environmental conservation we are attempting in Australia is probably not making much of a difference globally.

This Ghana chocolate reminded me of our recent visitors.

Carla, your kids would love all the free samples you can try in the supermarket. This was black sesame ice cream. I thought it tasted awful, but Keegan said he liked the flavour.

The kids like the high number of choices we have here in the way of snacks.

But the bakery section is probably our favourite; it certainly smells the best!

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