Thursday, November 26, 2009


"Wanna go shopping?"my friends Marieke and Debra asked me today.

Well, am I a woman? And am I breathing? Of course I was happy to go!

We drove to a mall called "Elements", located above Kowloon Station in Tsim Sha Tsui. (No, Andy, it's got nothing to do with Bruce Willis or The Fifth Element.) Its design is based on the five Chinese elements and they are as follows: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Now, the shopping centres in Hong Kong are pretty flash, but so far this one really takes the cake. It is clearly targeted at the upper middle class (emphasis on upper) and features a considerable number of high end shops of which I could safely assume I couldn't even afford the air inside.

And as if those sorts of classy boutiques aren't enough, Elements also boasts a huge cinema and an ice skating rink.

The ice skating rink integrates a pay-by-the-minute concept using the automated Octopus card system. I liked seeing some young children learning to skate by holding on to a penguin-buddy for balance.

Tirzah was in a happy mood today, sleeping in her stroller and charming many of the shoppers. She enjoyed looking at the various sculptures, Christmas trees, and especially this silver sequinned car on display. She was most disappointed that she couldn't hop in and have a ride.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a Thai restaurant (you would have loved it, Amanda!) before heading back to school to pick up our kids.

Craig still hasn't asked me how much money I spent at the shops today. Is it because he is afraid of the answer? Or does he know that his wife is way too thrifty to blow a couple thousand dollars on something like a belt...


  1. Even though you probably only bought lunch, looking at all those boutique logos I'm glad it's pay day on Monday.

    PS And yes Tirzah, Daddy would like to take you for a drive in that car

  2. The car reminds me of the nail polish I used to favour in junior high!

    Then again, most of Hong Kong's taste is about the same as mine when I was 13-14yo, except I never was into Hello Kitty...

  3. I'd be far happier in a shopping centre full of op-shops where great bargains could be found!

    And yes, I would have loved the Thai!

    Missing you ...