Friday, November 27, 2009


Tonight was the first opportunity to perform the Christmas carols that Jemilla and Keegan have been practising for the last fortnight. Straight after school we took the train in to Tsim Sha Sui and the kids barely had time to get changed before the rehearsal started. Most restrooms in Hong Kong are kept spic and span but this one next to the Cartier shop was truly luxurious. Crabtree and Evelyn products were available for us to use if we so desired. An attendant waited nearby with fluffy white towels for us to dry our hands.

The carols were part of an annual ceremony celebrating the lighting of this ten-foot-tall Christmas tree in front of the 1881 Heritage building in Hong Kong.

The children donned their choir robes and prepared to mount the stage.

There was a huge crowd in attendance with lots of TV cameras and big-wigs in suits, so we lowly parents were unable to get near the stage to watch. I held my camera above the crowd to try to get a picture.

After their three carols, the children left the stage while this man made a speech entirely in Chinese.

Then the children were invited back on the stage where they were each handed an enormous Christmas stocking by another important Hong Kong businessman.

The crowd counted down, and the Christmas tree was lit. You can see Tirzah's silhouette down at the base of the tree. During the ceremony she happily played with her friend Daniel whose brothers were also performing in the choir.

Jemilla and Keegan's stockings were nearly as big as them! It took quite an effort to lug them plus all of our bags and the pram down the subway steps and onto the train...

...but it was worth the exertion when we got the stockings home and could see all the goodies inside...chocolates, biscuits, fruit, jelly cups, candy canes, nougat bars, and so many kinds of nuts! What would have been your favourite treat from this selection?


  1. Wow! What an extraveganza!

    My fav would have to be the toblerone.

  2. Walnuts and the toblerone for me, please!

  3. Looks like the 'white kids' did alright for themselves :)