Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Visiting Daddy at work"

Monday was a pupil-free day at NIS, so we took the opportunity to travel in to Small World Christian Kindergarten to visit Craig at work. We toured some of the classrooms and Craig's workspace, then shared our lunch with him in the staff room. I was pleased to finally see his school, as well as meet all the women with whom he has been spending so much time over the last few months! I also have a greater appreciation for the distance he travels three days a week (over an hour on public transport) to get to work.

The temperature has been down to 10 degrees Celsius this week, so you can see we are dressed more warmly.


  1. So weird to see you in jumpers! I still think of HK as tropical climes...

  2. Beanies?! I'm so surprised!

  3. Hurray for all those winter woolies we stuffed into every corner!